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E-Learning: The New Frontier in Firearms Education

Everyday there are millions of people online searching for information about firearms. Education is at the top of the list for online searches. From Firearm Safety to CCW classes, how-to videos for self-protection to tactical techniques consumers are devouring vast amounts of gun related content online. The problem is that a great deal of this information is homemade, outdated, inaccurate and does little to help drive business to your range. It's offered up on video platforms such as YouTube and through social media platforms like Facebook for free but the majority of the content is not built towards building a long-term relationship with a customer at a critical part of their firearms journey. This is where there is a huge gap in the market that gun ranges have not successfully dialed into. The opportunity for gun ranges and firearms professionals is to deliver branded educational courses online and to connect a high quality online educational experience to in-store, face-to-face engagement at your range with a qualified instructor.

E-Learning provides a unique platform for extending your ranges brand, philosophies and curriculum to a firearms education hungry and tuned in audience. Moreover, online learning, if handled properly can offer your shooting range a deeper connection to your customers. E-learning can be a massive sales funnel your gun range can harness to multiply your reach to customers and grow market share.


There are several benefits to gun ranges that offer online learning systems for their customers. Firstly, there are some excellent cost advantages as once the content for the courses are created it can be shown over and over again and to thousands of people thereby reducing the costs of in-person instructors. Secondly, square footage for classroom space is a major expense and often limits class capacity.  With online courses your range is not limited to the number of seats you can fit in a room for a class. Just think of the wear and tear on a facility for providing classes. Offering online courses in addition to your current classes translates to more profitability, better facility usage and better scheduling of staff and resources. While there are numerous advantage for the ranges and firearms trainers to deploy online courses there are several advantage for customers that are equally beneficial.

Now let’s talk about the customer experience and their advantages for taking online firearms courses. The RangeForceX e-learning platform provides the customer a high quality online learning environment that can be branded with logos and graphics from the range. In essence without ever setting foot in the range, a customer can begin a personalized learning experience that may include interactive videos, animated charts, periodic quizzes to gauge retention of the materials and even showcase quick commercials featuring your instructors and promoting various products that your range offers. Check out the demo video below that shows an example of how to present the benefits of online education to consumers.


The RangeForceX platform also allows the curriculum to include various rewards, certificates and achievement badges as the learners complete phases or score well on quizzes. Our goal is helping ranges make the learning experience engaging, fun and rewarding. The gamification features of our e-learning platform provides an opportunity to reward the learner for completing a quiz with a passing score or for finishing a course within a specific time period. Even though we are creating an online experience, all of these rewards and engagements are designed to guide the customer into the range to complete the face to face experience with staff. The RangeForceX e-learning platform can also connect to online stores to sell books, accessories, firearms and ammo among other items. One of the key features is that the e-learning platform can be integrated with an online booking system for the learner to schedule lane reservations, private instruction, buy memberships and schedule additional classes.

Customers can engage the learning platform at their convenience. This is the #1 benefit to the customer. Learning at their own pace but with the knowledge that once they complete the online classroom portion they can come to the range for a one-on-one interaction with an instructor.

What is RangeForceX?

RangeForceX is the first cloud based E-Learning Software built for offering firearms related classes and education to consumers online. Our software platform allows for real-time delivery, tracking, certification and engagement of learners to educate through a single topic such as a Firearm Safety, a CCW class or through an entire firearms curriculum. One of the key features is the integration of our online range reservation software that allows learners to schedule lane reservations, private qualifications for one-on-one instruction or additional service such as private lessons, fingerprinting and documentation verification at a network of qualified shooting facilities with NRA Certified Instructors.

RangeForceX was developed specifically to help gun ranges and firearms experts harness the potential of offering online courses to unlimited numbers of consumers 24/7 and connecting the online learning to in person, in store interactions that build relationships and revenues.

Why be limited to only 20 seats? Expand your reach by delivering both recorded video classes and/or live streamed classes to both students online and in person. Students can view and take courses at their pace, from anywhere they are and on any computer, laptop, tablet or mobile device.

Our platform is customized to fit the needs of each partner range and instructor which allows branded video classes, quizzes, surveys and based upon the learners results deliver customized certificates. Additionally upon completion of courses learners can be offered additional classes that require the customer to schedule next steps and book online for in-store training.

RangeForceX platform for Online Education is an essential part of a gun ranges marketing program and an essential way to to grow market share and increase sales of firearms, ammo, accessories, private shooting lessons, classes and memberships. Contact us to learn more about our platform and how we can expand your business.

RangeForceX allows gun ranges the ability to:

  1. Create sales funnels from educational online. Offer Free and Paid Courses connected to to online lane reservations, private consultations, CCW Qualifications
  1. Reach & Engage New Customers Online
  2. Drive more in store traffic and revenues
  3. Increase class capacity with online courses and reduce instructor costs with prerecorded classes
  4. Increase engagement with rewards and badges that incentivize for completion and achievements
  5. Make learning fun and interactive with animations, graphics,
  6. Educate Customers Range Safety & Ettiquette
  7. Train / Develop Members
  8. Achievement Badges for completion
  9. Reward with promotions for advancement
  10. Deliver customized online certificates
  11. Quizzes, Surveys and Test to gauge retention

Online & Blended Learning Solutions

RangeForceX e-learning platform empowers learners to discover their own learning paths in class, at home, and anywhere in between. Whether you’re looking for a partner to help you manage a successful online firearms learning program, a robust catalog of courses, or something in between, we can help you find the right online and blended learning model to fit your ranges needs and help you achieve student success.

We’re living in a time of unprecedented change in firearms education. The shift to digital education is happening—and in many cases has already happened—and it’s changing everything about the way students learn and firearms instructors teach.

Today’s learners are native to a digital world, and if we want them to learn in a way that suits them, their learning environment must match. That doesn’t mean we can simply introduce technology into the classroom; it means combining online and blended learning options with familiar classroom practices, integrating customer engagement strategies and new technologies, and giving every student equal access to personalized firearms education online and on the range.

The RangeForceX platform supports online and blended learning models, including Live Stream, e-classrooms, e-learning courses that enrich instruction and provide targeted support, and innovative digital solutions that improve the customer experience while getting results.

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